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They wrote about us in Honolulu Magazine!  Click here to see the article!

Bringing updated classical Asian flavors fused into traditionally Southern style meats to O'ahu!

We buy and use the highest quality products available, meaning responsibly raised 100% all natural pork, USDA Prime grade beef, and as many locally made products and produce as possible!

We make everything by hand, including all of our signature sauces, marinades, everything, even the mayo!  


Our Next Events:

06/10: Nacho Night! 6-8pm
Thomas Square Park, on Victoria Street
We’re doing a special Short Rib Nacho!

06/19: Wang Chung’s AIDS Walk Raffle
We’re going to be participating in the raffle and giving away our Char Siu Ribs and Misoyaki Brisket to raise money!

06/28: Private Lunch Box Drop Off

06/29: Partnership with the Chinatown JC’s