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About Us


They wrote about us in Honolulu Magazine!  Click here to see the article!

We have a mission, and that's to bring super yummy food to you and the people you love!  Currently, we're focusing on Asian flavors fused into traditional American meats like ribs and brisket and stuff like that,
but that doesn't mean we're not flexible.  We've got a world of experience in the food business and if you have a need, we can help with it!  

We buy from and support as many local businesses as possible, and a great majority of the products we buy are local, including the miso, mirin, gochujang, sugar, veggies and more!  This is important to us.

We buy the best quality ingredients we can find.  Our beef is USDA Prime, and our pork is guaranteed 100% all natural!
We only buy meats from companies that embraces animal welfare and treat their animals humanely.  We care about stuff like this.  

We care about quality and we make everything by hand, including all sauces, marinades, everything, even the mayo!  


Curtis Chung

Chef / Owner / Chino
They say variety is the spice of life, and growing up in Oakland then living in San Francisco, there was plenty of it!
As a child, Curtis spent much of his time in the kitchen.  His fondest memories are of collecting eggs from the chickens in the backyard and making fried eggs over rice for the family's breakfast.  His early obsession with knives led him to "help" chop vegetables while his mother and grandmother were preparing meals.
Living in "less affluent" neighborhoods provided Curtis with a very rich exposure to a variety of cultures and ethnic groups, and being the curious person that he is, he befriended them all!  He learned that different people eat different things, but good food always tastes good!
Curtis' culinary career began in 1998, when he started working at In-N-Out Burgers.  Curtis learned the "ins and outs" of the food business and took a liking to it.  He was very impressed by the level of quality fast food could have and quickly rose up in rank.  Curtis is proud of the fact that his fries were so good, they gave him a full time assistant that cut all his fries!
After this, Curtis began his training at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.  While in school, Curtis worked at the Saratoga Mountain Winery where he apprenticed under the renowned Chef Rodney Baca, focusing on Mediterranean French cuisine and Sauces, while tying in very local, very seasonal ingredients in a restaurant and catering setting.  During Wedding Season, Curtis played a big part in menu execution as well as bulk food production, and during Concert Season, Curtis helped run a satellite bar and grill venue, separate from the main kitchen.  After taking a year off from school to apprentice and gain experience, Curtis graduated in 2004.
From here, Curtis worked for a few big names, such as The Cliffhouse, Roy's Restaurant and Wolfgang Puck Catering in San Francisco.  Wolfgang Puck Catering brought Curtis down to their headquarters in Hollywood, Los Angeles to work as Jr. Sous Chef.   
Curtis then was brought on as Sous Chef, and later promoted to Executive Chef at a small Berkeley restaurant called Rick & Ann's to rejuvenate the dinner service, which was a huge success!  And after a short stint at a millionaire's only club as Executive Chef, Curtis moved on to work for Whole Foods Market, where he managed the kitchen and deli in San Francisco's flagship location before moving to Hawaii.
Being blessed with a supreme opportunity, Curtis is now able to focus all of his energy into his own venture and has embarked on a mission: to bring super yummy foods inspired from his background to the Island of O'ahu!