What We Do

We are a professional food service business that wants nothing more than to make your life easier.  There is very little we can't do and we would be thrilled to serve you.  Here is a list of the things we do:

Events -
if you're having an event, we can help!  we can help feed your staff, your guests, or both!  we can provide a buffet style meal, drop off bento boxes or come with the food truck!

Catering - 
whether it's birthday parties, or real estate open houses, or anything else you can think of, we provide ready-to-serve platters and displays that are quick and easy and beautiful to look at.  we also deliver to almost anywhere on the island! check out the menu!

Knife Sharpening - 
as an avid knife enthusiast, Chef Curtis can come and hand sharpen, hone and polish any knife you need!  basic sharpening and polish starts at only $5 a knife! contact us!

Consultation - 
we're professionals, and we have experience.  if you need help with menu building, food costing, recipe writing or anything else food business related, we can help!  all you gotta do is ask!